Ừ thì tập viết

Day 2: A storyteller

Not all of us can be writers, but anyone can be a storyteller. Me too. I want to become an inspirational storyteller who share meaningful messages to motivate others.

I am a curious and adventurous person. In the process of maturity, there are big questions always appear in my head: “Who am I? What am I here on Earth for? What’s the meaning of life?” I’ve tried to find the answer by experiencing one thing after another. I tried some kinds of job, participated in volunteer activities, taught children, travelled trans-Vietnam, met different classes of people and attentively listened their story. Little by little, I’ve been able to empathize others and understood myself more. Then, I’ve shared my experience with my family, friends and others around. Their changes, even be little, made me very happy.

I know the power of mankind which distinguishes us from other animals is the connection in large-scale. And we can do it by becoming sincere and inspiring storytellers who motivate others to take actions.

The connection comes from not only the myths, religions and fictions most people believe in, but also the sincere and inspiring stories of simple people. The significance is how we tell to motivate others to take actions.

Maybe, another person’s life will turn over a new leaf because of our story.

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