Writing,  Ừ thì tập viết

Day 1

List 10 things that make you really happy.

1. Reading

I remember the first novel I read was “En Famille” by Hector Malot. It was the suggestion of my Literature teacher when I was 6th grade. That was the 1st time I read a whole book and it attracted to me from the beginning to the end.

Since then reading has become one of my favorite things after school. I started to spend my allowance to buy new novels. I was a regular customer of the rental book store near my school. I became a night owl because of reading Dan Brown’s fiction books. I stayed at home during the summer to swallow stacks of comics. I’ve grown up with books.

However, something has changed. Apparently, Facebook and other social media channels appeared and have strong effects on you and me. I touched, I surfed, I liked, but I didn’t read. I lost myself for a time. But luckily, one day I found my passion again. Then I’ve kept going on reading both paper- and e-book.

When reading, I have no self and immerse in the story created. I’m cheerful and sorrow with the characters. I broaden my horizon with no limitation. For sure reading is the hobby I like most.

2. Super Junior

Someone calls me a fan-girl and they are idols. But for me, they deserve more. Super Junior is my youth, my motivation and my dream. I felt in love with them at 1st sight. Since then, they have become an important part of my life. They are more strange than my acquaintances, but at the same time they are more close than my soulmates. When I depressed, they encourage me. When I sad, they make me smile. And I become a better version-me because of them.

3. Traveling

Yep, I love it. Both travel alone and go with others. Backpacker. Traveler. Not tourist. I like the feeling when walking on the ground, talking with locals, smelling the strange but familiar scent at new place. I wanna have different experiences, not only to see the attractions.

You know why? ‘Cause when traveling, not only I see the world, but also I know more about myself. The outside world is incredible. And I believe the inside-me is too. So are you all.

4. Writing

When everything in my mind is a mess, writing it down on the paper makes it more clearly. Or after an interesting experience, when a feeling rise up in me, I usually write it down.

I know not everyone can be a writer, but anyone can be a storyteller. My dream in life is reading thousands books, walking thousands miles and telling thousands stories.

But actually, I usually procrastinate and be lazy at most of the time.

5. Family

My family is the apple of my eye. No reason. No matter what. Forever.

6. Children

I have a serious thinking about being a single mom if I don’t find the right man. ‘Cause I love children. When playing with them, I feel myself childlike. No greed, hatred and delusion. And I can show them the beautiful things in life. That’s awesome.

7. Walking

We all know going on foot saves energy and makes us healthier. Besides, walking time is suitable for thinking or mindfulness. Hence, it is a good way to make us happier and more patient.

I usually both walk and observe people passing by. Or singing. Or daydreaming about something impossible. It’s me-time. Hahahah…

8. Listen to music

Who don’t like music?

9. Learn new things

Yep, learning something new makes me feel becoming a helpful and smarter person. 

10. Coffee shop

Actually, I don’t like coffee too much. But I find a quiet space with romantic music at some coffee shops, where I can spend a whole sunday afternoon reading a book, writing something or observing others on the street outside. Coffee shop is also a good place to work. 

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